Father and Guns (De Père en Flic)

25 03 2010

Rating: ★★★★★

If you are a dad or a son… or know a dad and/or son, you need to see Father and Guns.  I saw the film at the CIFF ’10 Night Out at Shaker Square.  It was the “highest-grossing French-language film ever released in Canada,” and it was for good reasons.  Yes the plot was a little “cliché” (as one Samiose claimed on IMDB), but sometimes cliché can be good, especially in a cop comedy involving a father and son.  Father and Guns wove humorous dialogue, action sequences and “cliché” life lessons into an engaging film.  All that was missing was my dad watching with me, but he hates subtitles.   And I feel those critics (ie: Samiose) must have daddy issues… just kidding.

Father and Guns is more of a comedy rather than an action film.  Two undercover cops, Jacques (Michel Côté)  and Marc Laroche (Louis-José Houde), are trying to take down a biker gang that controls the streets of Montréal and holds its citizens in a grip of fear.  (It was worth watching the film just to see burly biker dudes speaking French, walking small dogs and playing miniature golf.)  The only problem is Jacques is Marc’s father… and they hate each other.  When the gang’s lawyer is forced by his wife to attend an outdoor father-son retreat, the duo follows the conflicted lawyer to get him to talk and maybe to find some therapy of their own.

Check it out this weekend at CIFF ’10.

P.S. I need to stop blogging about foreign films… I hate looking up those stupid accents, graves and circumflexes (I thought that was a body part)…




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